Opening Romedia’s Doors to New Generation

The Romedia Foundation is always enthusiastic about engaging with people interested in our work, particularly ambitious youngsters. So, it was with great pleasure that we welcomed a small but vibrant group of art scholars to share with them Romedia’s work and the crucial messages we convey.

Our attentive student guests listen to an informative talk from Marion (left) and Katalin (right)

A dozen students from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts’ Curatorial Studies program visited the Romedia studio on November 17 to discuss ways in which art can be used for social change and to conceive ideas about how to approach field work in Romani communities. Having previously watched the Mundi Romani episodes “Moscow – the Romen Theater” (Russia – 2010), “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” (France – 2010) and “Szendrolad Confessions” (Hungary – 2010), the students had a two-hour long talk with our Managing Director (Katalin Barsony) and Producer (Marion Kurucz). Topics covered in an engaging session included visual narratives and aesthetics in film, the recurrence of stereotypes in the media, ways to challenge such stereotypes through art, our “insider’s perspective”, community building and social identity formation through art. The young would-be curators had come armed with open and critical minds and challenged us to analyze the style, content and messages of our films and campaign videos. We shared many stories about our experiences across the world filming Mundi Romani and the unique ways our crew approaches the communities we visit and the subjects we film. After having showed the dynamic dozen the “I’m a Roma Woman” campaign videos and website, they watched our newest film, Uprooted (trailer coming soon!), about Romani children deported from Germany to Kosovo. They left shocked but more importantly inspired to use their skills for making even a small change in this world. And we wish them every success in doing so.

Our visitors and new friends are engrossed by our film ‘Uprooted’

Our guests for the day had plenty to say about their afternoon with Romedia and their interviews will be posted here very shortly.