Claiming a right that you don’t know – how do Equality Bodies matter?

With a number of 10-12 million in the whole of Europe and some six million living in the EU, the Roma are not only Europe’s largest ethnic minority but at the same time… Continue reading

Take your blindfold off, dear Europe! BuveroEXPO Contemporary Audiovisual Performance organized by the Romedia Foundation

Between 17 and 18 October, 2014, an art show opened in Berlin, featuring works of young Roma media artists. The series of events, which deployed international  artists and was linked with media installations… Continue reading

How to work with the Travellers culture in kindergarten – PART OF OUR COLLAB W/ TRAVELLERS’ TIMES

How to work with the Travellers culture in kindergarten The Travellers are a national minority group which has been in Norway for the last 500 years. The minority has been through a harsh… Continue reading

How the Roma are becoming Europe’s new moral army – Part of our Collaboration w/ Travellers’ Times

In early June, every year, for many generations, Gypsies and Travellers have travelled to the Appleby Horse Fair in Cumbria in their thousands, crossing the moors and fells on their journey in old… Continue reading

Emlékmentések – Otto Pankok és Ceija Stojka

A Romédia Alapítvány 2012 novemberében, a Requiem for Auschwitz programsorozat keretén belül rendezett kiállítást a budapesti Francia Intézetben Otto Pankok és Ceija Stojka művészetének. A kiállítás kurátora Moritz Pankok volt, a berlini Kai… Continue reading

Memory savings – Otto Pankok and Ceija Stojka

In November 2012, in the frames of its program series – Requiem for Auschwitz -Romedia Foundation organized an exhibition dedicated to Otto Pankok and Ceija Stojka, at the French Institute in Budapest. The… Continue reading

Bepillantás a divat világába – Közelebb kerülni a roma kultúrához

A divat a társadalmi élet és érintkezés fontos része – a legkülönbözőbb módokon érvényesül ez, a kényelem vágyától kezdve az újdonság vágyáig. A divat nem egyszerűen arról szól, mit viselünk, hanem látható lenyomata… Continue reading

An insight into the world of fashion – Opening the doors of Romani culture

Fashion is an important part of social life and interactions – touching upon it on a variety of different levels, be it from the desire to conform or the desire to be novel. Fashion… Continue reading

Murder victim’s family and former Director of Public Prosecutions lead call for justice for Barry Smith – This article is part of our collab. with TRAVELLERS’ TIMES

The family of murdered English Gypsy Barry Smith is leading calls for his case – and other Gypsy and Traveller attacks – to be treated with greater seriousness by the criminal justice system.… Continue reading

A night of broken glass

A night of broken glass   By Damian Le Bas Last Saturday, three Roma families were evacuated from a house in the Irish city of Waterford. The house wasn’t burning. There wasn’t a… Continue reading