Europe Must Hold Itself Accountable for Its Historic Treatment of the Roma

What follows is the original English version of the German text that was published on Wednesday, 23 January 2019 in FOCUS, which can be read in full HERE. It was written in anticipation of… Continue reading

The amplification of Online Hate Speech on Facebook pages: Anti-Roma rhetoric and the shifty language used by Italian Facebook pages.

Written by: Xhenson çela Cover Photo Credit: Romedia Foundation Various pages on the social networks, conscious or unaware of the effects the content they post or share daily, are contributing in spreading hate-speech,… Continue reading

The ROMEDIA FOUNDATION is announcing a 2017 call for applications for INTERNSHIPS for Roma and non Roma university students and young graduates

The Romedia Foundation is a Romani non-governmental organization based in Budapest, Hungary, working to contribute to a positive perception of Romani ethnic identity, combating anti-Romani prejudice and to provide alternative information to policy… Continue reading

Gypsy Tales animation cartoon series from the perspective of contemporary Roma artists

Written by Anna Orosz Representing Roma culture with animation is the newest innovation of sharing traditions. The story of Gypsy Tales cartoon series started in 2013 at the Kecskemétfilm Studio with the direction… Continue reading

Cigánymesék animációs rajzfilm sorozat kortárs roma művészek tolmácsolásában

Írta Orosz Anna   A roma kultúra bemutatása animáció segítségével az egyik legújabb módja a hagyományok terjesztésének. A Cigánymesék rajzfilm-sorozat 2013-ban a Kecskemétfilm Stúdióból indult útjára, Horváth Mária rendező vezetésével, aki szerette volna megmutatni… Continue reading

I survived Birkenau, I remember the cries from hell

Written by Piero Terracina The extermination of Roma and Sinti. The story of a Nazi camp survivor, witness of the night of the massacre: “Screams of people being hit, people shouting at the top… Continue reading

Valery Novoselsky (1970 April 15 – 2016 August 20)

Written by Katalin Bársony Valery Novoselsky, founder of Roma Virtual Network, and a dear friend left us on Sunday. A solid, hard-working activist, Valery worked tirelessly over the past 25 years to create,… Continue reading

Infringement procedures against Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary for segregating Romani children

How long does it take to develop according to the best potential in the context of Romani children in Central and Eastern Europe? Vivien Brassói    I Introduction During my primary school years… Continue reading

The Aftermath of Brexit – Interview with British Romani Writer and Filmmaker Damian Le Bas

An Interview by Lilla Németh Almost a month passed since the shocking British referendum in which UK citizens voted by a margin of 52% to 48% to withdraw from the EU – yet,… Continue reading

“That is who I am and that is that” – Interview with Visual Artist Roland Korponovics

An Interview by Lilla Németh I had the opportunity to interview Roland Korponovics, a 29 year-old visual artist from Hungary, who is one of the few people of Romani descent to ever graduate from The Hungarian… Continue reading