Romedia Making the News with UNESCO

Following on from this month’s International Workshop for Independent Producers in Igualada, Spain, the Romedia Foundation were delighted to be featured in UNESCO’s \’Women Make the News\’ series. It was an excellent platform for Romedia to share its latest perceptions on current issues in the media. It was also an opportunity to broadcast the work of the Romedia Foundation in the past, the present and the future. Special attention is of course paid to the use of media as a tool to combat discrimination and to change social attitudes.

Romedia in the thick of the action

Our Managing Director, film maker Katalin Barsony, is the first Romani woman to be featured in the series and gave a powerful message about the inspiration behind her work.

Filming in Turkey as part of the Mundi Romani series

The highly engaging and inspiring article can be found in full here