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Marc Willers QC (Garden Court Chambers) cikke Bevezetés január 27-én emlékeztünk meg annak a napnak a 70. évfordulójáról, amelyiken szovjet csapatok felszabadították az auschwitz-birkenaui náci haláltábort. Jól tettük, hogy elgondolkoztunk a szörnyű tényen,… Continue reading

Claiming a right that you don’t know – how do Equality Bodies matter?

With a number of 10-12 million in the whole of Europe and some six million living in the EU, the Roma are not only Europe’s largest ethnic minority but at the same time… Continue reading

How to work with the Travellers culture in kindergarten – PART OF OUR COLLAB W/ TRAVELLERS’ TIMES

How to work with the Travellers culture in kindergarten The Travellers are a national minority group which has been in Norway for the last 500 years. The minority has been through a harsh… Continue reading

Displacing the Roma in Miskolc: between the rhetoric of slum eradication and the ethnicization of poverty

by Cristina Bangau Miskolc is a city in the North-Eastern part of Hungary, the seat of the Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen county, the third biggest city in Hungary. Its recent history is one typical for highly… Continue reading

Roma in Ukraine: No documents, no rights!

It all started in November 2013, when peaceful protesters occupied Kiev’s Independence Square, to show their disagreement with Viktor Yanukovych’s government evasion of the agreement with the European Union, which would have led… Continue reading

Roma and the double standards of European migration

NOT IN MY BACKYARD! Equal Rights until they show up. The last decade’s enlargement of the EU has given the right to work and travel freely in the EU to millions in Eastern… Continue reading

Manele and the Hegemony of “Good Taste”

In November 2010, the National Council for the Audio-visual (CNA) argued in front of the Culture Committee of the Romanian Parliament’s lower house for the changing of the “must carry” provisions of the… Continue reading


Rarely have the Roma had the chance to communicate their true story. If this is never told, how can we expect attitudes to be more enlightened? If the information provided comes from sightings… Continue reading

Our New Film “UPROOTED”

Budapest, 1st December 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpGMsC8BOpQ http://www.alle-bleiben.info/news/info-news78.htm In October 2010, Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that attempts to build a multicultural society in Germany have “utterly failed”. From the perspective of children like Anita, Sedat and… Continue reading

Living in a State of Statelessness

Somewhere to call home. It’s a modest ambition, or so you might think. For many thousands of Roma in Europe however, this is gradually becoming sheer fantasy. Romani families hailing from the Balkans… Continue reading