Roma Resistance Day: Defiance During the Pharrajimos

Roma Resistance Day: Defiance During the Pharrajimos By Katalin Barsony-Romedia Foundation On May 16, 1944, Roma imprisoned in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp rebelled against their captors. May 16, Roma Resistance Day, commemorates this… Continue reading

Roma költőnők és a “cigányok” nyugati mítosza

Roma költőnők és a “cigányok” nyugati mítosza Salome Kokoladze cikke Fenyvesi Orsolya fordításában Az uralkodó hatalmi struktúrák nem mindig nyíltan, erőszakos módon nyilvánulnak meg. Néha nagyobb hatás érhető el azzal, ha az elnyomás… Continue reading

Listening to Voices of Romani Women Writers a Way to Challenge the Western Myths about “Gypsies”

This article explores different ways in which Romani people have been misrepresented in the Western literature. To challenge these representations and re-claim voices of Romani people, the article discusses the importance of works… Continue reading


Marc Willers QC (Garden Court Chambers) cikke Bevezetés január 27-én emlékeztünk meg annak a napnak a 70. évfordulójáról, amelyiken szovjet csapatok felszabadították az auschwitz-birkenaui náci haláltábort. Jól tettük, hogy elgondolkoztunk a szörnyű tényen,… Continue reading

Anti-Gypsy and Traveller racism: the war against Groundhog Day

By DAMIAN LE BAS Editor, Travellers’ Times Above: a flyer warning “residents” of potential new homes for Gypsies, distributed in Gloucestershire, England, February 2015. A FEW years ago, I met a well-respected Gypsy… Continue reading


TACKLING HATE SPEECH AIMED AT GYPSIES, TRAVELLERS AND ROMA by Marc Willers QC – Garden Court Chambers Introduction On 27 January 2015 we commemorated the 70th anniversary of the day when Soviet troops liberated the… Continue reading

Claiming a right that you don’t know – how do Equality Bodies matter?

With a number of 10-12 million in the whole of Europe and some six million living in the EU, the Roma are not only Europe’s largest ethnic minority but at the same time… Continue reading

Take your blindfold off, dear Europe! BuveroEXPO Contemporary Audiovisual Performance organized by the Romedia Foundation

Between 17 and 18 October, 2014, an art show opened in Berlin, featuring works of young Roma media artists. The series of events, which deployed international  artists and was linked with media installations… Continue reading

How to work with the Travellers culture in kindergarten – PART OF OUR COLLAB W/ TRAVELLERS’ TIMES

How to work with the Travellers culture in kindergarten The Travellers are a national minority group which has been in Norway for the last 500 years. The minority has been through a harsh… Continue reading

How the Roma are becoming Europe’s new moral army – Part of our Collaboration w/ Travellers’ Times

In early June, every year, for many generations, Gypsies and Travellers have travelled to the Appleby Horse Fair in Cumbria in their thousands, crossing the moors and fells on their journey in old… Continue reading