Hate Has No Home In Hungary

  On February 23 it was exactly three years to the day that Robert Csorba and his five-year-old son Robert Csorba Jr. lost their lives in Tatárszentgyörgy. Their brutal murder was part of… Continue reading

Lights, Camera, Action in Kosovo

“The Brothers” – The Story Behind Romedia’s Latest Film   At the Budapest-based media advocacy organization Romedia Foundation, we have started working on the last phase of the production of The Brothers. Having… Continue reading

Johann Trollmann: A Szinti Roma ökölvívó, aki a náci Németország ellen küzdött

A bokszról gyakran megoszlanak a vélemények. Néhányan az erő és tudás művészi formáját és megnyilvánulását látják benne, míg kritikusai a elvakult brutalitás kifejezéseként tekintenek rá. Függetlenül a sport iránti érzelmektől, Johann Trollmann története… Continue reading

A Romák és a csodás játék

A Romák és a csodás játék Andrea Pirlo-t, Ricardo Quaresma-t, Jose Antonio Reyes-t és Rafael van der Vaart-ot a labdarúgáson túl még egy fontos dolog köti össze: Roma Származásuk. A köztudatban nyilván úgy… Continue reading

Johann Trollmann: Sinti Roma Boxer Who Fought Against Nazi Germany

By Alastair Watt Boxing often divides opinion. Some see it as an artform and an exhibition of strength and skill, while its critics view it as a chauvinist display of brutality. Regardless of… Continue reading


In 2009, the Romedia Foundation launched the “I’m a Roma Woman” campaign, aiming to give women from various Romani communities a voice and proudly promote their Romani identity. In almost three years, the… Continue reading

Roma and the Beautiful Game

Andrea Pirlo, Ricardo Quaresma, Jose Antonio Reyes and Rafael van der Vaart have more than just football in common. They may be highly regarded international players of Italy, Portugal, Spain and Holland respectively… Continue reading

Distortion and Desperation: Roma Leader Defends Hungarian PM

A letter from the leader of the Hungarian Roma Self-Government, Florian Farkas, to the European Commission has defended the widely criticized recent reforms of the Hungarian government. Addressing the President of the European… Continue reading

Under Surveillance: The Roma in Hungary 2012

Police in Hungary have now been formally instructed by the Chief of National Police to pay specific attention to minorities in their work, referring to what some have called ‘ethnic criminality’. The National… Continue reading

Sandra Zepp, Belgium and the Gens du Voyage

  Sandra Zepp is an activist from the Gens du Voyage community in Belgium. As a member of the Centre de Mediation des Roms (CMRGV) and co-founder of Les Filles du Vent (The… Continue reading