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Murder victim’s family and former Director of Public Prosecutions lead call for justice for Barry Smith – This article is part of our collab. with TRAVELLERS’ TIMES

The family of murdered English Gypsy Barry Smith is leading calls for his case – and other Gypsy and Traveller attacks – to be treated with greater seriousness by the criminal justice system.… Continue reading

A night of broken glass

A night of broken glass   By Damian Le Bas Last Saturday, three Roma families were evacuated from a house in the Irish city of Waterford. The house wasn’t burning. There wasn’t a… Continue reading

Displacing the Roma in Miskolc: between the rhetoric of slum eradication and the ethnicization of poverty

by Cristina Bangau Miskolc is a city in the North-Eastern part of Hungary, the seat of the Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen county, the third biggest city in Hungary. Its recent history is one typical for highly… Continue reading

Roma Awareness Project takes place in Bradford School – Travellers’ Times Collaboration

ROMA and Gypsy pupils at a Bradford school have dispelled negative stereotypes and shared their rich culture with their classmates Carlton Bolling College in Undercliffe is home to at least 60 pupils of a Gypsy or… Continue reading

Travellers’ Times – Romédia Alapítvány

A Romédia Alapítvány örömmel jelenti be régóta várt együttműködését az Egyesült Királyság-beli, herefordi központú roma hírügynökséggel, a Travellers’ Times-szal. A Romédia Alapítvány, miként a Travellers’ Times is, hosszú idők óta elkötelezett a romákat… Continue reading

Romedia Foundation joins forces with Travellers’ Times

The Romedia Foundation is excited and honored to announce the launch of the much awaited collaboration with Travellers’ Times, the respected UK-based Gypsy and Traveller news agency from Hereford. The Romedia Foundation and… Continue reading

A mi igazságunk – kultúra, identitás, média és filmkészítés a 2014-es BUVERO Médiatáborban

  “Ragaszkodni ahhoz, amit Ti igazságnak gondoltok, a legnehezebb dolog lehet, amit valaha is tennetek kell az életben.” – Roy Cohen, BUVERO záróest   A BUVERO mögötti elképzelés A Romédia Alapítvány több mint… Continue reading

Our version of the truth – culture, identity, media and filmmaking in 2014’s BUVERO

Holding on to your version of the truth is absolutely the hardest thing you might ever have to do in your life.’ – Roy Cohen, BUVERO closing ceremony    BUVERO: the concept  Romedia Foundation’s… Continue reading

Why am I here?

Maybe for having a great time meanwhile feeling useful. It is a very hard question to answer. Because of the already gained information and experience maybe I should change my attitude, or at… Continue reading

Miért vagyok itt?

Talán azért, hogy jól érezzem magam úgy, hogy közben hasznosnak is érezzem magam. Nagyon nehéz erre a kérdésre jól válaszolni. A kapott információk miatt és a tapasztalatszerzés végett talán szemléletet kellene váltanom, de… Continue reading