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Roma and the Beautiful Game

Andrea Pirlo, Ricardo Quaresma, Jose Antonio Reyes and Rafael van der Vaart have more than just football in common. They may be highly regarded international players of Italy, Portugal, Spain and Holland respectively… Continue reading

Distortion and Desperation: Roma Leader Defends Hungarian PM

A letter from the leader of the Hungarian Roma Self-Government, Florian Farkas, to the European Commission has defended the widely criticized recent reforms of the Hungarian government. Addressing the President of the European… Continue reading

Under Surveillance: The Roma in Hungary 2012

Police in Hungary have now been formally instructed by the Chief of National Police to pay specific attention to minorities in their work, referring to what some have called ‘ethnic criminality’. The National… Continue reading

Sandra Zepp, Belgium and the Gens du Voyage

  Sandra Zepp is an activist from the Gens du Voyage community in Belgium. As a member of the Centre de Mediation des Roms (CMRGV) and co-founder of Les Filles du Vent (The… Continue reading

Our New Film “UPROOTED”

Budapest, 1st December 2011 In October 2010, Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that attempts to build a multicultural society in Germany have “utterly failed”. From the perspective of children like Anita, Sedat and… Continue reading

Living in a State of Statelessness

Somewhere to call home. It’s a modest ambition, or so you might think. For many thousands of Roma in Europe however, this is gradually becoming sheer fantasy. Romani families hailing from the Balkans… Continue reading

Opening Romedia’s Doors to New Generation

The Romedia Foundation is always enthusiastic about engaging with people interested in our work, particularly ambitious youngsters. So, it was with great pleasure that we welcomed a small but vibrant group of art… Continue reading

Romedia Making the News with UNESCO

Following on from this month’s International Workshop for Independent Producers in Igualada, Spain, the Romedia Foundation were delighted to be featured in UNESCO’s \’Women Make the News\’ series. It was an excellent platform… Continue reading

Meet Tatiana, a Proud Moldovan Romani Woman…

The Romedia Foundation has encountered all kinds of people and backgrounds in its 19-year existence. This summer we met someone who’s story was tragic yet inspiring, with a sad past but a hopeful… Continue reading

BARCELONA – Producers of the World Unite

With 27 participants from over 20 different countries and 5 continents, UNESCO and the Association of Igualada hosted the International Workshop for Independent Producers on October 5-8 in Igualada, Spain. The Mayor of… Continue reading