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Infringement procedures against Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary for segregating Romani children

How long does it take to develop according to the best potential in the context of Romani children in Central and Eastern Europe? Vivien Brassói    I Introduction During my primary school years… Continue reading

The Aftermath of Brexit – Interview with British Romani Writer and Filmmaker Damian Le Bas

An Interview by Lilla Németh Almost a month passed since the shocking British referendum in which UK citizens voted by a margin of 52% to 48% to withdraw from the EU – yet,… Continue reading

“That is who I am and that is that” – Interview with Visual Artist Roland Korponovics

An Interview by Lilla Németh I had the opportunity to interview Roland Korponovics, a 29 year-old visual artist from Hungary, who is one of the few people of Romani descent to ever graduate from The Hungarian… Continue reading

16 May: Romani Resistance Day

On 16 May, 1944, Roma imprisoned in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp rebelled against their captors. 16 May, Romani Resistance Day, commemorates this courageous revolt and also the suffering of Romani people during the… Continue reading

An Interview with Hamze Bytyci

On the occasion of his latest visit to Budapest, the Romedia Foundation team met Hamze Bytyci, a Kosovo-born Roma activist and actor from Germany on February 3rd, 2016. We had an opportunity to talk with… Continue reading

Opre Roma: Worldwide Celebration of International Roma Day

On the 8th of April, the world’s Roma come together to celebrate International Roma Day, a relatively new tradition for a people with such a long history. Despite the Roma having lived in Europe… Continue reading

Visszatekintés: emberi jogok Magyarországon 2015-ben

Galyas Gyula cikke Az utóbbi időben sötét fellegek jelentek meg Európa egén. A szélsőséges nézetek igencsak megerősödtek, nemcsak Magyarországon, hanem sok európai országban is. Idehaza rosszabb lett a helyzet a diszkrimináció tilalma, a… Continue reading

The Role of the Traditional Mass Media in “Making or Breaking” Ethnic Stereotypes

Katalin Bársony, executive director of Romedia Foundation, gave a presentation and participated in a panel discussion at the conference Inside the Struggle: The U.S. Civil Rights Movement & the European Roma Rights Crisis,… Continue reading

Xenophobia and Antiziganism on the Rise in Sweden

Written by Alexander Armbäck Sweden and other Nordic countries have long been viewed as exemplary in terms of the protection of minorities. By the public they are seen as the quintessential tolerant and… Continue reading

Precedents to Roma Written Culture and Literature in Hungary

Precedents to Roma Written Culture and Literature in Hungary Written by János Orsós   The common-held view that Roma written culture and literature emerged only in the 20th century is based on a… Continue reading