Why am I here?

Maybe for having a great time meanwhile feeling useful. It is a very hard question to answer. Because of the already gained information and experience maybe I should change my attitude, or at least reevaluate my situation, the situation of the Roma, poverty, the chance to break through, and I should definitely think about the solution. I think I gained enough knowledge and experience to be able to change perspective on my situation, on the situation of the Roma. I think the camp helped me become an adult.

Written by Iren Godo

The strict timetable and the lack of free time kept me focused on the programs, prevented me from evading the Roma question, made me keep searching for answers, made me want to find answers and moreso: to want to conceive answers as well. My Romani consciousness strengthened. My pride, which lied beneath for such a long time broke through, and it is a great feeling indeed that from now on I will more willingly undertake that I am Roma.

I met a lot of new people which helped me stay cheerful. I also had the opportunity to engage in teamwork activities, which I thought to be very useful when creating media content and also while engaging with Roma communities. I got to know the benefits and the drawbacks of interview-making, but most importantly that a report should always be about the interviewee, and the interviewer only helps him with the topic, and sticking to the topic.

Godo Irene, Godo Katalin

Godo Irene, Godo Katalin

This camp was not only about enriching our education, but it was also a great team-building exercise.

In my life I haven’t really been on a long trip, neither do I go to parties. In Heves county of Hungary lies a tiny village, Tiszanána, that’s where I live. There is not too many opportunities to go out, no real possibility for disengagement. No cake-shops, no clubs, not a cinema or a pizzeria can be found there. Lately they built a playground for children under the age of 12. It is not hard to figure out that I am a lot older than 12.

I have never been to a cinema. I’ve been to a few school trips, but of my own motivation I have never been to a place where I could really enjoy myself. This media camp is such an opportunity, I enjoy myself because the time spent here is not only about disengagement, but also about learning. My happiness is largely influenced by the usefulness of the things I do.

The Godo sisters playing football during the Buvero 2014 camp.

The Godo sisters playing football during the Buvero 2014 camp.

I am satisfied. The experiences I gained here mean a lot to me, and I would love it if other Roma were as well-informed, I would be happy if I could share all that I learned here with them.

It was necessary to take part in all the programs, so we barely had free time, after the lectures we couldn’t go to the city for a few hours’ sightseeing, however that is something replaceable, unlike the knowledge we gained among the walls of the Panderosa pension.

All the experiences obtained here are unforgettable, and it’s not only because we were amidst a crossfire of cameras.