Last week a diverse group of human rights activists and journalists visited Romendia Foundation as part of the Minority Voices Study Session organized by the European Youth Centre in Budapest.  The session started with a screening of our documentary “Uprooted,” which explores Germany’s repatriation policy of Romani migrants and refugees through the eyes of three children, Anita, Sedat and Nasmija [view the Uprooted trailer here].

After the screening, we presented our I’m a Roma Woman campaign video, which introduced the young activists and journalists to a new generation of Romani women who are providing positive role models to counteract all the negative stereotypes of women and minorities in the media. Although the campaign video is short, it spurred a lengthy Q&A session with Romedia’s exective director Katalin Barsony.

These young people were aware of Roma issues, but were very interested to go more in-depth into the issues facing Romani women in Hungary and Europe. We were able to interview some of the Minority Voices participants, and you can watch their responses to Romedia’s films and mission here:

Minority Voices is a program that invites young media makers and human rights activist from all over the world to share experiences about the effects of biased reporting on minorities. Over the course of seven days in Budapest, they learn about media biases and minority  rights, engaging in dialogues about equality and fair representation. Together, they collaborate on media projects about the living conditions and challenges facing minorities in Hungary today.

The result of their program is this dynamic multimedia presentation created by Dmitrii Romanovski (Moldova), Una Cilic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Luisa Dos Santos (Brazil), which focuses on Romani women in Hungary today. The presentation takes us through issues of double discrimination and stereotypes, while emphasizing the importance of education and self-expression. Take a few minutes to watch the presentation. As always, we encourage your thoughts and responses: