In 2009, the Romedia Foundation launched the “I’m a Roma Woman” campaign, aiming to give women from various Romani communities a voice and proudly promote their Romani identity.

In almost three years, the campaign has grown and grown, establishing a wide network of Romani women all across Europe and beyond.

Taken from our 2011 interview with Alina Serban, a talented Romani actress from Romania

Taken from our 2011 interview with Alina Serban, a talented Romani actress from Romania

We are always looking for inspirational Romani women to join our network and feature in the campaign. If you think you, or someone you know, could enhance the campaign, send us an email at mundiromani@gmail.com

Videos have played an important part in the campaign and here we showcase four examples to give you a flavor of what “I’m a Roma Woman” is all about.

In the summer of 2011, we spoke to Agnes Osztolykan who earlier that year had received the International Woman of Courage Award from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and US first lady Michelle Obama.

“I founded the organization so the kids wouldn’t have to go beg in the streets” said Selvije Rushiti, Chairman of the Association for One Future of Roma – The Mother’s Heart when we interviewed her in her native Albania in 2009.

In January 2010 we spoke to Carmen Santiago in Athens and her powerful words really struck a chord with our campaign: “This is a new generation of young, strong women who are educated and can see the situation clearly. And they do not like what they see.”

In our most recent video, we hear the story of Anasztazia Nagy, a 27-year old Hungarian Roma who had to battle hard to attend the local grammar school before excelling in her studies. She is now working for the Roma Education Fund as a Programme Officer and is determined that her children and the next generation of Roma can benefit from the same opportunities for which she worked diligently to earn.

You can learn all about the campaign from our website – www.romawoman.org – and we want to hear from as many of you as possible to build our ever growing network into something truly helpful for Romani women everywhere.