Our New Film “UPROOTED”

Budapest, 1st December 2011



In October 2010, Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that attempts to build a multicultural society in Germany have “utterly failed”. From the perspective of children like Anita, Sedat and Nasmija, born and raised in Germany by parents who had fled Kosovo in the 1990s, the statement makes no sense. For them, there is no question: they are German. Going back and forth between Germany and Kosovo, Uprooted brings the voice of Romani youth into the debate on immigration in Europe.

“Uprooted” was premiered on September 29, 2011, during prime time on RTK (Radio Televizioni i Kosoves).

It will be broadcast on Link TV (USA) and the Community Channel (UK) and available on-demand on both channels’ online, mobile, portable media devices, IPTV and connected-TV platforms from January 2012.

For a limited duration of only 48 hours, the film will be available FREE on the Romedia Foundation’s website, www.romediafoundation.org, soon! Don’t miss this generous opportunity. Regularly visit this blog to be the first to find out exactly when you can watch “Uprooted”!

Check Alle Bleiben! (link: http://www.alle-bleiben.info/) for screenings and actions in Germany!