Meet Tatiana, a Proud Moldovan Romani Woman…

The Romedia Foundation has encountered all kinds of people and backgrounds in its 19-year existence. This summer we met someone who’s story was tragic yet inspiring, with a sad past but a hopeful future. Tatiana is a Moldovan Romani woman who, at the young age of 23, already has an interesting story to tell. She suffered tragedy in her family but now with the support of her brave mother, she is fighting, as she has done all of her life, for a better future. Not just for herself but for all Roma across Europe.    

Tatiana, a proud Moldovan Romani Woman

Speaking to Romedia, Tatiana taught us a few things about her and her drive towards working for human rights:

“I was born in to a Roma family, and am now 23 years old. I am a Master’s student at the Economical Department of Moldova State University (Chisinau) and I have lived all of my life in my own country – the Republic of Moldova. After high school, my personal priorities changed having encountered acts of discrimination against Roma people. Since then I became involved with the Roma National Centre (RNC) where I have worked as a volunteer since 2006 and am now a passionate human rights activist. I put my efforts into fighting the discrimination that Roma people face in Moldova. Furthermore, student life has offered me the opportunity to work in the NGO sector dealing with such topics as: students, youth, Roma community and human rights. I intend to continue my involvement with the RNC in order to improve the image of Roma in Moldova.”

The inspiring young Moldovan Romani woman has also dedicated herself to education and has no doubts about the importance of the role of education in the future of the Roma.

“I have been the treasurer of the Students’ Alliance of Moldova (ASM) since 2008. I am interested in developing students’ lives in Moldova. I think we should improve first of all the quality of education all the way up from kindergarten through schools and in the higher education institutions. I am determined to find new democratic methods and practices for adapting to the mentality of Moldovan youth before implementing these improvements.”

Tatiana’s talents are however not limited to the educational and NGO sphere as she finds time to hold down an excellent position in the oil industry.

“Furthermore my role as an office manager in Moldova provides me with opportunities to interact with experts in the oil industry, locally and internationally. Such professional interaction enhances the participation of Roma women in the development of national economics.”

Please enjoy this short video of Tatiana’s experiences before and during the event as well as her hopes for the future of the Roma in Europe….

If you enjoyed this taste then please look out for more from similarly inspiring Roma women in the coming weeks and months.