Dear friends and supporters.

Wherever you are from, whatever your background is and whatever your reasons are for following the Romedia Foundation, we warmly welcome you to our brand new interactive weblog!

“I’m a Roma Woman” campaign

This new addition to the Romedia social media network hopes to give you a more informal, personal and fresh approach to our work. We will take you behind the scenes of the Foundation, sharing stories, experiences and opinions as well as focusing on the key issues among the Roma across Europe. We’ll keep it serious, after all the issues faced by Roma everywhere need to be addressed in such a manner. However, we will do so in a positive, enthusiastic and enjoyable way.

For those of you just discovering Romedia for the first time, where have you been??? Only joking. Welcome aboard and here’s a brief history lesson. The Romedia Foundation was founded back in 1992 and has since worked diligently to contribute to a positive perception of Romani ethnic identity, to combat anti-Romani prejudice and to provide alternative information to policy makers on Roma through the production of films and videos, international multimedia campaigns and public events.

In 2007, the Romedia Foundation undertook its highly successful Mundi Romani project from which several high quality documentaries about the Roma all across Europe were broadcast on national television in Hungary and reached audiences across the world. The series won the UNESCO Prize for the Rapprochement of Cultures in 2010. You can watch all of these films at the Mundi Romani website but, for the impatient among you, here is a snippet from ‘Trapped – The Forgotten Story of the Mitrovica Roma’ which won an award at My Native Land 2008 for Best Television Production.

Elsewhere, Romedia has launched various other project including its “I’m a Roma Woman” campaign, positively promoting the lives of women in the Roma community. There will be a post dedicated to this project very shortly but in the meantime you can learn more here \”I\’m a Roma Woman\”

Finally, we want this weblog to serve YOU, the Romedia supporter or follower. In order to do this, we want your contributions. Your comments, your suggestions, your criticism. All feedback is helpful. Tell us what you want from our exciting new feature, and we will do everything we can to deliver the goods.

See you here again soon. Thanks for stopping by.